For almost a whole year we worked on the art direction for the communication of Aliexpress in Spain in collaboration with the Madrid office of the advertising agency Ogilvy. We were part of the creative team and participated both in the process of creating the campaign proposals and in the implementation of all the online and TV pieces, press…

“Todos sois P***E” (You are all P***E) Campaign

Exploring the no need to pay a subscription to have better conditions on purchases, Aliexpres launched this campaign with the claim “For Aliexpress you are all P***E”. TV spot, telepromotions, online advertising, social networks, printed press, etc.

“To Pa Ti” (All for you) Campaign

Art direction for the summer campaigns “To pa ti” (All for you) and September “To pa tu vuelta” (Everything for your return). TV promotion, outdoor advertising, social networks, etc.

“11-11” Campaign

Art direction for the November 11 campaign. Shopping Day (and Single’s Day) in China. A striking event from AliExpress.