Ribaguifi’s mission is to take Internet access to places that don’t have high quality access due to their small population or their remote location. And how it does that is just as interesting as its mission: by bringing together residents of a village so that they can create and manage their own Internet access network.

The challenge

Ribaguifi asked us to design a campaign to promote the company in rural areas. They wanted to strengthen their brand awareness (Internet, advertising materials, etc.) and, at the same time, they wanted us to design a campaign that would make their target customers aware of their services.

The result

We gave Ribaguifi a professional image that is both approachable and coherent with the characteristics of their services and their target customers. We unified its image across the different advertising media and tools we used.

The referendum didn’t have to be that simulated because the people of Artieda had already organised themselves in an assembly. The impact of the referendum helped us reach a large part of the rural population, helped by reports on Aragonese public television (Aragón TV) and in other media, such as newspapers and radio stations.

The strategy

We developed a dual campaign based on the idea of a village being empowered by being able to create and manage its own Internet access network. Firstly, we created a visual campaign with the slogan NUESTRO PUEBLO, NUESTRO INTERNET [OUR VILLAGE, OUR INTERNET] and, secondly, together with Ambient Media, we held an event where we simulated a referendum in the village of Artieda (Zaragoza), aiming to generate visibility and attract the attention other towns in the same situation.