Transforma BCN

The passion for art, communication and things made by hand that unites the coworking space Transforma BCN and Think Things meant that one fine day our collaboration on the creation of window displays and other decorative elements became a regular thing.

Today, we are responsible for renewing the window display in a window facing the street that has both a decorative and a strategic function. We aim to make each display reflect the spirit of the coworking space and invite people in to become part of the community.


For Real Heroes

We approached this window display project as an advertising campaign in itself. Transforma BCN is a coworking space committed to sustainability and recycling and its coworkers are known as “transformers”. So when it came to designing a new window display we knew exactly what to do and created a 2.5 m tall transformer-coworker from cardboard boxes.

The creative concept invites you to be part of the space and is based on the idea that today’s freelancers are real heroes.