It all started the day after the birthday in confinement of one of us. We realized that, like us, there would be many people who would have to celebrate their birthday locked up at home, especially many children who could not celebrate it with their friends in the way that has been done until then. Times change and circumstances sometimes too, so why not adapt to them?

So from Think Things we created (your online birthday) with the aim that parents can offer their children the best birthday during confinement.

Don’t let your children stay without celebrating their birthday!

Under this concept, we thought that even if we could not leave home we could make that day a very special day for them, with family and friends connected at the same time to give them a big surprise and enjoy an online show. Our goal was to make the children have fun and enjoy with their parents in a fun-filled day. has been a Think Things own project where we have developed everything from the product definition itself to online marketing, through the creation of the corporate image, web design, contact with animation companies and the management of social networks.