ORISTIC Oristic is a technological solution for high-resolution audiovisual management in medical environments and is manufactured by the company Ditec Comunicaciones, who we have known from the very start. We created a brand's visual identity, designed the application itself from the wireframes to the final design and also designed a variety of printed advertising materials. Read More


AN APP THAT WILL GET YOU TALKING Telme is an app for tablets designed to help improve the communication skills of children with a language disorder. The app, developed by the company Helm for the Open University of Catalonia, displays different words that the user then has to repeat. Once they have repeated the word,… Read More

Fragrance Profiling PUIG

CAROLINA HERRERA Find your scent profile with this Carolina Herrera app that works out which fragrance suits you best based on your tastes and the time of day you want to use it. Read More