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It all started the day after the birthday in confinement of one of us. We realized that, like us, there would be many people who would have to celebrate their birthday locked up at home, especially many children who could not celebrate it with their friends in the way that has been done until then.… Read More


World Sport Academy Corporate identity and communication materials for various media. Read More


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED You set the challenge, they accept it. That's the philosophy at Baldarian, a web development and digital strategies agency whose brand image we created. Inspired by the character Barney Stinson from the famous TV show “How I Met Your Mother”, the concept aims to convey the values of professionalism, personality, self-confidence, communication, resolve,… Read More

Cal Rué

CAL RUÉ The coca de recapte is a very traditional Catalan savoury pastry. It consists of a dough mixed with escalivada that various ingredients, principally herring or butifarra (a Catalan sausage), can be added to. El pam is an old anthropometric unit of length that was standardized at 20.873 centimetres. Cal Rué, a bakery born… Read More


LARIMAR Psychological therapy centres are characterised by the colour blue due to its connotations of peace, calm, patience and tranquillity. That's why we chose the name Larimar, after a semi-precious blue rock. But we wanted to go that bit further and look for a concept, in this case psychological guidance, which we represented visually with… Read More

2.300 Parapente

2.300 PARAPENTE   One very visual characteristic of paragliders is their colourfulness. The happy motifs used on the fabric of the wings are very representative and reflect the sport’s adventurous and fun spirit. That’s why we used this visual reference when creating a corporate image for 2.300 Parapente, a company specialising in tandem paragliding. One… Read More


SECTRES When we set to work (never has the phrase been more appropriate) on the creation of the new brand image for Sectres, a company specialising in the manufacture of cement, we wanted to move away from the sector's usual tropes and create a much more aesthetic and conceptual line that would stand out from… Read More

Dance Studio

LET'S DANCE! The spirit, energy and enthusiasm of Mireia Ridaura made us think of the lights and bulbs of Broadway shows when we were creating the branding for her dance school Dance Studio. As well as working on the new logo, we created a unified visual identity by designing the stationery, the exterior décor of… Read More

UP Club

UP CLUB We have worked with the padel club UP Club since its inception, creating its branding, website, the design of posters for its tournaments, the signs at the club, etc. We have seen this great small club grow to its current size of four sites, where there's always lots happening but padel is the… Read More


ORISTIC Oristic is a technological solution for high-resolution audiovisual management in medical environments and is manufactured by the company Ditec Comunicaciones, who we have known from the very start. We created a brand's visual identity, designed the application itself from the wireframes to the final design and also designed a variety of printed advertising materials. Read More