PAPERPLECS Lifestyle paper accessories One fine day our paths crossed and we just clicked. We have to confess that we love paper and the concept behind the project won us over right from the start. That's why we now work closely with the brand and are responsible for Paperplecs' creative direction. We create and manage… Read More


We want a disconnected summer Under the slogan #SOMELQUEFEM (#WEAREWHATWEDO), Cooperativa Abacus chose a campaign where all the communication materials were made entirely with materials from their shop. With this aim in mind, the communications agency Verano, which designed the creative concept, asked us to create the different scenes by hand. MORE BEACH AND LESS… Read More

Miss Kits

MISS KITS Our passion for handmade things means that it was love at first sight between Miss Kits and us. Creating images for this brand became a game for us – we were like kittens surrounded by balls of wool. Our creativity at the service of crocheting! OFFLINE Design and layout of catalogues, labels, tutorials,… Read More


STIKGO Our relationship with Stikgo, a brand of mobile accessories, could be described as magnetic. We aligned our poles and put all our forces into creating attractive and persuasive images and videos that explained how the products work. With the collaboration of Woodenfilms, we are responsible for generating all the brand’s visual advertising content every… Read More


Ribaguifi's mission is to take Internet access to places that don’t have high quality access due to their small population or their remote location. And how it does that is just as interesting as its mission: by bringing together residents of a village so that they can create and manage their own Internet access network.… Read More