smartEn smartEn is the European business association integrating the decentralized solutions of the clean energy transition. Several years of collaboration with Think Things have resulted in a well-defined personality and communication style, in brochures, graphic ads, visual identity, and their website. We transform data and texts into visual and attractive messages to facilitate the reading… Read More


World Sport Academy Corporate identity and communication materials for various media. Read More


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED You set the challenge, they accept it. That's the philosophy at Baldarian, a web development and digital strategies agency whose brand image we created. Inspired by the character Barney Stinson from the famous TV show “How I Met Your Mother”, the concept aims to convey the values of professionalism, personality, self-confidence, communication, resolve,… Read More

Cal Rué

CAL RUÉ The coca de recapte is a very traditional Catalan savoury pastry. It consists of a dough mixed with escalivada that various ingredients, principally herring or butifarra (a Catalan sausage), can be added to. El pam is an old anthropometric unit of length that was standardized at 20.873 centimetres. Cal Rué, a bakery born… Read More

ESDAP Catalunya

Design as a Space for Debate, Hybridisation and Transformation The Catalan School of Design and Visual Arts (ESDAP Catalunya) was created in 2010 by an order of the Catalan Parliament. It is a public institution that offers an advanced degree in design at a multicampus and interterritorial organisation. The campuses are located in the art… Read More


ceced Corporative Annual Report CECED (European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers) is an association that aims to encourage innovation in domestic appliance production in Europe and to reduce the industry’s environmental impact. Our challenge was to design the infographics for their annual report and turn a huge amount of data into a much more attractive and… Read More

Bausch + Lomb VIDISAN

VIDISAN Vidisan is a solution for treating and preventing the symptoms of seasonal and chronic allergic conjunctivitis. To convey the idea behind the message in an eye-catching and attractive way to pharmacists, we suggested incorporating a pop-up with the shape and appearance of the product and a dandelion into the sales brochure to contextualize and… Read More


Ribaguifi's mission is to take Internet access to places that don’t have high quality access due to their small population or their remote location. And how it does that is just as interesting as its mission: by bringing together residents of a village so that they can create and manage their own Internet access network.… Read More

2.300 Parapente

2.300 PARAPENTE   One very visual characteristic of paragliders is their colourfulness. The happy motifs used on the fabric of the wings are very representative and reflect the sport’s adventurous and fun spirit. That’s why we used this visual reference when creating a corporate image for 2.300 Parapente, a company specialising in tandem paragliding. One… Read More

Pedralbes Centre

PEDRALBES CENTRE The Pedralbes Centre shopping centre in Barcelona has entrusted us with numerous campaigns. From the promotion of sales, the arrival of spring... through to the image on the open-air ice rink it organises every Christmas. Read More